Language Training

Language learning and efficiency are the prerequisite to be successful in the foreign employment. Unless the employee possesses language efficiency, There arises hindrance in two way communication. Consequently the worker cannot follow appropriately what the supervisor wants him/her to do. Thus work efficiency decreases and trust and mutual understanding comes at a stake. Bearing this difficulty in mind, Sakura Overseas (P) Ltd. conducts language training programs through its sister concerns i.e. Topa International (www. ). The language facilitators in our sister concerns are Japanese native teachers and Japan returnees who are well familiar of Japanese culture, tradition and work ethics. The trainees graduated are well motivated to adapt in any training, education and employment sector in Japan. 

Special Program

Realizing the need and effectiveness of in- depth training, we conduct approx three months close camp training for the trainees selected to go to Japan. We prepare the trainees sharp on language, culture, tradition, climate, disaster preparedness a few among others. Our close camps are scattered in various locations of Nepal namely: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Hetauda and Jhapa. These close camps are facilitated by native Japanese speakers and Japan returnees having high professional experience and good track records.

Sending Employees Abroad

Upon preparing the employees culturally, morally, lingually and technically, this organization facilitates the employees to prepare necessary documents as prescribed by Home and Host countries. The organization also coordinates with the Department of Labor of the Home country in the legal matters. The organization keeps a watchful eye on the recently updated labor related rules, regulations and laws of both Home and Host countries. 

Act as the facilitator

This organization keeps in regular contact with abroad employers and native employees. To make this act practical, the organization operates from Nepal as well as Japan. The Japanese office is located at Akabane, Tokyo with Mr. Kapil Dev Thapa, the president, as the office head. Other site offices are located in Nagasaki, Nagano, Hakata Eki Mae, Fukuoka and Oita with 3 Japanese native staff and 3 Nepalese staff. They are carrying on facilitation, communication and further rapport building with many training, education, employment, and social organizations on a timely basis. The office at Nepal is located at Sachetanmarga, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu handled by 10 regular staffs. The company has hired altogether 40 professional staffs for abroad, Kathmandu office and branch offices. These Home and Host countries’ offices act as the neutral facilitators between the employer and employees in case of any dispute arises between the parties. It is the best intention of this organization to work for the mutual benefit of all the parties involved. 

Explore more work opportunities

 As the office is located abroad, the organization is in regular contact with more employment agencies/ companies through different networking tools. The organization mobilizes its resources at the optimum level to create more job opportunities for the socio-economic promotion of the Nepalese communities.

Orientation and facilitation in rural communities

Realizing the need for community-based facilitation, this company mobilizes its staff to different remote ports to inform about the job opportunities available abroad. These orientation and facilitation visits have been fruitful in attracting more workforces in foreign employment. 

Premises of Sakura Overseas Nepal PVT Ltd.

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